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Birthdays, Fundays and Bookdays

Happy Sunday Nightmares!

This has been one hell of a two weeks! That's right! It's been two weeks since my last post! Can you believe it!!!

Where was I? Well I personally thought I was dying but it turned out I just had Listeriosis, nothing major.... NOT! I was MAN down and I really thought that this was it, this was how I was going to die. I didn't die, but unfortunately I also couldn't do much else because it sapped all the strength from me. Luckily I have survived and am bouncing back bigger and better, mostly better.

That aside, the last two weeks have been rather awesome. First and foremost I had my 30th Birthday on the 15th March! And what a birthday it was! It was such an amazing day for me because not only was I spoiled with AMAZING gifts but with a LOT OF LOVE!!! I was spoiled by everyone in my life from my #AuthorBestie Toni, to my sister across the water, to my friends at work and my friends at home. It was a great day all around.

The best part? I got to have a very Harry Potter Birthday - with proper acceptance letter invites, a wand choosing, a sorting, a Quidditch tournament (Although I did only come second) and potions classes. We also visited Honeydukes and a lot of people passed their N*E*W*T*S. It was a fun day all around and I enjoyed being Head Girl, and a Slytherin Prefect.

As I said, I have to grow old, I do not HAVE TO grow up!

Aside from getting amazing gifts for my birthday, I also got to hang with my other #AuthorBestie Jo-Anne Joseph! I had ordered a set of her books and was MOST excited to receive them. I have already read Siren which was an AMAZING read and am excited to read Jo's other two books!!!!

I'm still busy with The Culling and am hoping to have it out soon for everyone to enjoy. Here is one of the teasers from my new book to tide you over until next week!

The next big event coming up is Discworld Day on the 28th April 2018.

I am hoping to have signed copies of The Culling available at our stall even though I won't be there as I have a wedding. You can still purchase signed copies of my work there from my #AuthorBestie Toni Cox or from my #PABestie Franki Jean.

If you haven't already joined my Facebook group -> Sian's Little Nightmares <- then please do so because we are growing our little nightmare force and having a ton of fun doing it. I'll be introducing a lot of new things to the group to keep everyone entertained and can't wait to chat to all of you.

The last thing I wanted to mention was something really exciting that happened to me!

I was interviewed by CTVSA at the Youth Today Carnival Market that I attended. It was such a nerve wrecking experience being interviewed for TV but I thought that it came out great!

You can watch the video here:

That's it for me for today!

Have a horrifically awesome week!

Sian B. Claven

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