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From International Bestselling Author Sian B. Claven, comes Nevermore, a captivating and haunting retelling of Edgar Allan Poe’s Classic “The Raven”

All I wanted from my death is what I wasn’t given in life.
Revenge for those who wronged me, those I loved with my whole heart and who bore the seed of another. It wasn’t fair to me, to be poisoned and left for dead while they got to start a new life together. That new life, will know immeasurable pain at my hands. Through all lifetimes I will follow her and ensure she suffers for what her mother did.
The fruit of their deception.

Through all my lives I want to live, I’ve known no peace. When a light shines through the darkness it is quickly snatched away.
And I know he is near.
He has come for me again. I remember vaguely that he always comes for me.
A Reaper of Souls.
I don’t know why but I am drawn to him like a moth to a flame, ready for my own demise.

Fans of Dark Paranormal Romance will enjoy this twisted tale.

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