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The Priestess

Magic, Voodoo, and Chaos—how much can you take before you crack?


Shocked by the sudden death of her parents, Chantal’s world crumbles. When she discovers that she was adopted and her parents faked her birth certificate, she’s distraught. Searching for answers, though, plunges her world into further chaos, as she keeps seeing a top hat-wearing man who seems to be everywhere she goes and dreams that are so horrific, they traumatize her.


The more Chantal learns, the stranger her world becomes, and the stronger the visions become.


Chantal’s husband stands by her side as she unravels the mysteries, but how much can he take before it’s too much? Is the vision of her mother trying to reach out to her or trying to kill her? Chantal plunges into the world of magic and Voodoo to discover a past that might potentially be too strong to resist. Who holds all the answers?


Only the Voodoo priestess knows.


Fans of dark supernatural horror will enjoy this graphic story. 

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