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Watched - Combo.png

If you pick up this book, there's trouble. I'm no longer safe, but I want to keep them safe. This is a Watcher diary, I'm supposed to record events and store them away in secret. But I can't this time. 

It's all true.

Homeward Bound - Combo.png

This isn’t fighting for her own survival, this is fighting for everyones.


This isn’t what Jasy Black wanted for her life. She had been content being a spacehiker, not getting involved in politics or settling down to meet someone else’s needs. But war has been declared, and she must answer the call.


Tasked with finding allies, she makes a precarious journey through the system, gathering the forces that will stand against Antonia. Romus and Markus are there to help, but Jasy worries for Zara and wishes she could find her.


Danger awaits at every corner as Antonia prepares to finish the job they years ago – complete conquest.


Will there be enough allies to fight them? Will they find Zara before the Antonians do? What will become of Jasy and Romus?


Find out now in this space travel science fiction adventure, the third instalment of the Spacehiker Adventure Series.


It’s now a fight for all lives.

Animals - Reveal 2.png

Without a trace, he makes his mark and leaves bodies behind in his wake. He is Bullseye.


Danny Cox is a man possessed with finding Bullseye, a serial killer whose real name is Jack Waters. Having escaped custody thanks to a child he kidnapped, raises and subsequently eradicated – Jack is out for blood.


Bodies start popping up around the city and Danny is on the case. Along with his partner Richard, they set out to piece together the little information that they have to track down a killer that only gets found when he wants to be.


A threat looms over Danny’s family though, and not everything is peaches and cream at home. Jack takes someone precious to Danny and he’s desperate to get her back.


What happens when a serial killer holds all the play cards?


Fans of cop dramas and serial killer novels will enjoy this series.

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