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Murder Mystery

Danny Cox Murder Mystery Books

Sins of Thy Father


A city held under siege by a killer with no rhyme or pattern is facing its hardest challenge.

Everything he leaves behind is on purpose.

Every victim chosen seemingly at random.

He leaves no clues and no evidence.

He is Bullseye.


Danny Cox and Richard Jones quickly pick up that there’s a new serial killer in town when their cases start tying up with each other. It was clear from the go that this psycho had a ritual but he left no clues and he didn’t have a pattern of how he chose his victims. Danny and Richard are chasing a ghost in the wind and if they don’t find him soon then more lives are going to be lost.


Faith in the police department wains as the killing continues. The detectives need an answer and fast.


Fans of cop dramas will enjoy this series.

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Humans are worthless.
They do nothing but demand and enrich themselves.
The city must be cleansed.

Hunter has finally reached an age where Father will let him take up the hunt and his victims are selected. He has a special present with each victim for the cops to find, and he eludes with a skill like Bullseye. He has his MO, the crime scene leaves nothing traceable.
He is the end.

Danny Cox is dead set that the new killings are related to Bullseye but after months of obsessing about the escaped convict, his partner and rest of the department are tired of him trying to link everything back to Jack Waters. With problems at home, Danny’s obsession with Bullseye is costing him privately and professionally.

Richard needs to bring his friend back from the edge, but there’s always that nagging feeling…
What if he’s right?

Fans of cop dramas will love this series.

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