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When an Author hasn't got words

This week has been a long and busy week in my life. Not only did I have a ton of day job things to get through, I also had a ton of author things to do as well. Hit that up with not feeling like myself this week, saying goodbye to a good friend (and good luck in South Korea) and trying to figure out what my next step is... well I'm pooped.

A lot of exciting things have happened this last week in terms of other authors work! I'm super glad to be able to share my thoughts through this newsletter because I read two books this week that I think are going to BLOW YOUR MIND!

But first... The news....

The Culling

I am hard at work with my next book - The Culling - and I'm proud to say that it isn't like anything else I have every written. I know a lot of people are asking about sequels to other works but those will come.... later *inserts a rather evil laugh here*

A Viking Thing

I do Events! Did you know this? How could you not? A Viking Thing is fast approaching and I cannot wait to see all my Gauteng based Nightmares out there. Remember this is a great opportunity to come get a signed copy of Kallista, some swag, some merchandise and a photo with.... ME!

This will be held at La Vue Guest Lodge in Muldersdrift and it won't just be there, of course our other Alternative Author Toni Cox will also be there partying along with me in Valhalla!

Cut & Blow Book 3

The first of my epic reads this week was the latest release by author Ashleigh Giannoccaro. Having followed this series I have a good idea of what to expect from these books, or at least this series, and I have to admit that Giannoccaro did not disappoint.

Before I get into anything else please can we just admire the sexiness that is this cover. I mean, the way she has described these characters, what I think about them, and then I see the covers and I'm like... HUBBA HUBBA! The series covers is absolutely gorgeous and looks even better in paperback, on my shelf!

In this story we are given a clearer picture of two previously minor characters - Viv and Romi. Having read the first two books I wasn't really keen to read about Viv because I really did think she lacked everything a decent character should have - namely a personality but good god was I wrong. I absolutely loved Viv's character and the way she is, and the reasons behind it. Romi on the other hand is not what I expected at all. He's a good blend between nice guy and asshole for me, and sometimes I want to punch him in his pretty little face while other times I want to do.... things... things... lots of things to him.

Overall the story is a great read and I really enjoyed it. It was a quick read for me because as always Giannoccaro has managed to grasp my attention and hold it entirely. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for something light, heavy, happy, sad, angry, violent, peaceful and loving all wrapped up in steamy sexiness.

Well done Ashleigh!


Looking back at the cover now that I have read the book, I wouldn't have expected this cover for this book. It's dark. It's Mysterious. Wait! It fits perfectly! I wanted to pick on of Jo-Anne Josephs books to read because I see her around so much on Facebook and events and I'm so glad I picked this one. It really drew me in.

Sage and Siren are twin sisters and Siren is an absolute... well let's just say that abuse doesn't always come in the form of spousal shall we? I've never met a character I have hated quite like her. Sage on the other hand, the loveable one, also irritated me but mostly because I just wanted her to sock her sister once in the face. That being said, you can see Joseph is an excellent writer because of the reactions I had. Of course I fell in love with all the characters as I read but initially I was just flabbergasted that someone so cool would take so much abuse.

All in the all the story was absolutely amazing and I finished it in just over a day. I would have done it sooner but you know - I have a day job. As her first dark psychological romance I can see a lot of potential from Joseph and have already purchased another book from her! Go get it.


Well that's it from me for tonight - I have a lot of work to get through so I'm going to sign off. Don't forget to look out for Movie Monday on my Facebook group - Sian's Little Nightmares and for Teaser Tuesday on my page!

Don't forget to lock your door.

Sian B. Claven

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