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The Week That Was

Hello Nightmares!

It has been an absolutely FANTASTIC week in the writing world. This week I managed to get out 15 000 words of The Culling, my new story that will be coming out soon, and I only have 4000 words to go before I can begin the editing process!

The chapters are being sent to the Beta Team this week for checking - I'm really nervous because I feel this book is a LOT different from my previous ones, but that's good right?

If you're wanting a sneak peak here is this weeks Teaser!

Aside from working hard on bringing you only the best stories, I have also been hard at work making swag! Once I receive the confirmation that I am indeed attending Comic Con I will be posting sneak peeks at what I am hand making (and having hand made by the awesome Franki Jean of StitchCraft) and it's all going to be available at my stall! Aside from the awesome merchandise, there is going to be some AMAZING books for sale because.... *mumbles about surprise* And you'll be able to get it all there! :)

What's the Haps?

What's happening in the event world? Well next month (April) the Alternative Authors stall will be hanging out with Alter Ego Events again for their Discworld Fayre. Unfortunately I won't be able to be there in person for this one as I am at a wedding, but there will be signed copies of all my available work on my table and my #AuthorBestie Toni Cox will be there to assist as well as the lovely Franki Jean!

What am I reading?

This week I am reading a book by Kelan Gerriety called Crimson Skies! I'm so super excited to be reading it as Kelan is an amazing person in general and from what I have seen so far in her book, she is a very talented author so watch out for my review and the links to where you can get her work!

That's It Folks

That's all the news I have for this week folks!

Don't forget to join me on Sian's Little Nightmares for Movie Monday tomorrow at 14:00 EST / 08:00 CAT (UCT+2).

Have a Freaky Week!

Sian B. Claven

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