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February Newsletter

Love is in the air! It's February and valentines day is just around the corner. What's more exciting than Valentines day? Asylum I released the day afterward so if you want to get a little something something for that lucky horror fan in your life, why not pre-order them a copy of Asylum I.


Hans is a brilliant doctor, sent to an Asylum in the middle of nowhere to continue his post-world war experiments on the insane.

Karen is a bubbly nurse whose sole intention in the world is to do good and help those that cannot help themselves.

Good intentions cross into power hungry mania in this horrific tale of how all their failed experiments come back to haunt them, and how the Asylum holds its own secrets.

“Asylum makes your hair stand on end. This is creepy and dark, yet incredibly fascinating. To delve into the mind of the ‘scientist’ at this asylum is to find sheer madness roiling in those depths, as well as utter self-delusion. The very stones of this madhouse is drenched with horror … a clever and twisted MUST read!” Elaina J. Davidson.

You can pre-order it here ->


All The Dead Girls by Tim Kizer

Forty-two passengers. One of them is a serial killer.

When Holly finds a phone with pictures of murdered women on it on the bus to Miami, she realizes that one of the passengers is a serial killer. A game of cat and mouse begins after the owner of the cell sends Holly a message saying that he wants his phone back.

Holly's shocked to find out that the killer knows her name and address.

She races against time as she and her fellow passenger Nick Hayden try to figure out the identity of the owner of the phone. When he murders a young woman during one of the stops, Holly fears he'll kill her before the end of the day.

Her chances of survival aren't good: the killer has a partner, who is as ruthless and twisted as he is.

You'll never guess who the real killer is.

(Inspired by a true story)

DEAD GIRLS, a suspense novel

----------------- MANIA, a suspense novel Richard Brower has killed a dozen people. Now someone is trying to frame him for the murders committed by another serial killer. ----------------- DAYS OF VENGEANCE, a suspense novel First, he murdered his wife. Then he lost his memory. Now he has to remember where he buried the body or his in-laws will kill him.


Fantasy Read Available for Pre-Order

I have written a short Science Fiction novelette that is available for Pre-Order.

Unlikely Hero is the first in my Spacehiker Series and is me testing the waters with my fantasy writing.

You don't want to miss out on it so Pre-order it now and it will be delivered to your device on March 15th

In a world where transport is the main control of the universe, one spacehiker is tasked with the unfortunate job of helping two refugees get across the civilised universe without being detected. The only problem is it sounds easier than it’s done. With no trust between them, Jasy must get Mark and Lizzie the hell out of dodge for a reason they won’t tell her. While Mark and Lizzie must place their safety, their lives, in the hands of someone who breaks the law on a daily basis.

From award winning author Sian B. Claven comes her first fantasy novel debut – Unlikely Hero: A spacehiker adventure.

Pre-Order Unlikely Hero Now Here ->


Scarred by M. Louis Lambert

Reece Oliver is on the run. After participating in an experimental drug program to rid himself of his destructive alcoholism, he discovers he had been lied to. The doctors leading the program never intended to cure Reece. The drugs were supposed to devolve subjects into an earlier form of man. What Reece became, however, was altogether different. He now must remain one step ahead of the doctors, while fighting the urge to use his new abilities, for if he does, he is left with one more scar.

Check it out here->



About the Author (Taken from Amazon):

"In order to be happy you must create something meaningful in this world and not just be a consumer of life. It is also important to share your love freely with friends and family. I believe in confronting your fears and experiencing new things, places, and people. Lastly, everyone needs something to believe in whether it be religion, a cause, or even themselves." - Brian S. Ference Brian S. Ference lives in Cave Creek, Arizona with his wife Rachel and three children Nathan, Lena, and Victoria. He has always had a passion for reading and writing from a young age. Brian loves new experiences, which has included operating his own company, traveling the world, working as a project manager, diving with sharks, and anything creative or fun. He is always up for a new adventure such as writing or other artistic pursuits. His first book is titled: The Wolf of Dorian Gray: A Werewolf Spawned by the Evil of Man. Read the Prologue here. You can learn more about book two in The Wolf of Dorian Gray series: Purgatory of the Werewolf, as well as any other upcoming books or projects at or

Featured Books: The Dragon Sea Chronicles

Wizards. Sea Serpents. Pirates. Dragons. Follow Darek of the Red Claw Clan through this three book box set, a young sailor crossing blades with ruthless pirates and warring clans. As his hidden powers grow, first in his natural ability to commune with sea dragons, so too does his uncanny dragon-riding skill and sudden bursts of psi power. Yet a foul wind blows across the serpent deeps, bringing with it a former apprentice, Cyrus, a forsaken sorcerer who wields terror and death. The Dragonclaw Islands are thrust into the brink of war as Darek struggles to find his path, unlock his skills, though alienated from his sister and parents. Is he destined to become the Mage Reborn? Ever more does he realize he must stop the tides of war, bring order to clan and family while the rising menace of Cyrus lurks unseen. Taken under the wing of the ailing Dragon Mage Agrippa, Darek uses his powers to unite the Dragon Riders against the growing swarm of sea serpents controlled by Cyrus’s forbidden magic. The fires of rebellion, stoked by a Pirate Queen, plunge the Islanders into an all-out war among dragons, sea serpents, and monsters of the deep. But are Darek’s powers enough to combat these foes, especially when he is linked to the pirates by blood bond and their beautiful queen? Dive into this world of adventure, imagination, and danger that fans of Dragonriders of Pern, Eragon, Dragonlance, Dragon Blood, Dragonvein, Temeraire, and Dragon School will love. Scroll up and one-click to buy this box set today while the introductory price lasts!


Kindle Unlimited!

Do you read on Kindle Unlimited? Did you know all my books are available on Kindle Unlimited where you can read them for FREE. Why not check them out?


Awesome new Fantasy releases.

If you're interested in some new fantasy releases then don't forget to check out this link

Just a little something for those that love fantasy and are looking for their next big read! (After Unlikely hero of course!)


Alpha Tales by Wesley Britton

Alpha Tales 2044, opens on Beta-Earth when two genetically-enhanced mutants are forced to recover a stolen secret, the cure to the ancient Plague-With-No-Name that defined a planet for millennia. Then we jump across the multi-verse to our earth, Alpha-Earth, where police Captain Mary Carpenter infiltrates a gang of White Supremacists who want to purify Texas after decades of climate change and weaponized plagues. Still on Alpha, we leap ahead in time to 40 years in the future where Mary Carpenter joins up with four aliens, two from Beta-Earth, two from Serapin-Earth. All four share the same father, The Blind Alien from Alpha-Earth. They’ve traveled across the multi-verse to tell us about their worlds. But Alphans, scarred by the devastations to our world, are unhappy about learning about very different cultures from anything we’ve ever known and especially hearing about multiple deities. So the alien band are forced to go on the run and take sanctuary in a First Nation domed city in British Columbia. But their sanctuary doesn’t last long. Forced to travel further into the Canadian wilderness, the family encounters a pair of Sasquatch who change everything for them. They learn about the many definitions of what it means to be human. Alpha Tales 2044, is a collection of stories that are part sci-fi, part murder mysteries, part horror, and part social commentary. But completely full of the unexpected, surprises, and tales, unlike anything you’ve experienced before.


Journey To Osm - The Blue Unicorn's Tale by Sybrina Durant

Facing extinction, the Metal-Horned Unicorns of MarBryn are desperate for hope. Any hope. . .So when the Oracle reveals the prophecy promising just that, the remaining members of the tribe pin their future on the birth of a young foal. Hope becomes despair when the baby unicorn is born without metal. . .because without metal there is no magic. And without magic, this little blue newborn has no chance to defeat the evil sorcerer that has imprisoned all of MarBryn. Magh’s rule proves both harsh and brutal and by the time Blue comes of age there are only twelve metal-horns left in all of MarBryn. Eleven can claim some form of metal based magic. . .but one must get by on sheer grit, will, and the desire to avenge his parents untimely deaths. Like most of the metal-horns, Blue disregards the prophecy as nonsense, but driven by his insecurities, he covertly trains for a fight he’s ill-equipped to win.And then hope comes back around. For Blue…For the Metal Horn Unicorns of MarBryn …But can a unicorn with no metal … no magic … answer the call of fate? The Blue Unicorn's Journey To Osm Illustrated book was a feast for the eyes but the story was short. This novel is the expanded version of that story. You can get it here ->


I have a BookBub Account!

It's a great way to find your favourite authors, recommend their books and stay up to date.

Oh wait... how about a little competition?

Did you follow me on Bookbub? Send me a screenshot that you are following me and you could stand a chance to win some author swag!


The Untold Tales of Dolly Williamson : An Occult Steampunk Thriller: Prequel to The Guild Chronicles

Are you the next reader to be pulled into the Non-Newtonian Universe?

Beware those that do go in, don’t return the same…

Do you like steampunk? Looking for something new to read with a historical bend?

If you think stories written by Jules Verne and H.G. Wells are intriguing, then you’ll love this story set in the 1800s. Just the right mix touch of science fiction and urban fantasy to engage your imagination yet remain believable for a reader from the 21st century.

Readers that like Shayne Silvers, Michael Anderle, and Lindsay Buroker love this unique take on paranormal investigation set in an alternative history.

There is no guarantee you’ll return from this world with your mind intact.

Welcome to the Non-Newtonian Universe, a world similar to ours, but unlike any other.

Are you interested in visiting a world where Queen Victoria sits majestically on the throne of the British Empire and at the same time the ever-youthful Emperor Napoleon rules France?

If this world was identical to ours why did it diverge?

In this world, three powerful guilds drive politics and technology, as they work to increase their influence over society.

The Mechanists feverishly build steam-powered craft to drive the economy.

The Alchemists have unlocked the secrets of the eldritch elements and use their compounds as the building blocks of a new society.

The Necronists have unlocked metaphysical secrets to extending life and manipulating spiritual energy.

Detective Dolly Williamson must maintain order in a world where magic and marvelous machines rule the day.

At night is when things get crazy, and last night there was a murder.

Dolly Williamson is one of the newly appointed detectives in the Metropolitan Police Service. He is the only one that believes that there are supernatural forces at play in the streets of the world’s largest and fastest growing city.

When called upon to investigate the murder of a wealthy banker, Dolly recognizes the circumstances are similar to an old case.

The gruff detective calls upon Sister Rose Caldwell, known about town as the White Witch of London. As Rose and Dolly piece together clues bodies begin piling up.

With Rose's help, Dolly get closer to catching the murderer, but then Dolly’s boss insists he takes the aid of a Necronist Seer who has a past with the suspected killer.

You’ll be shocked and surprised when you learn along with Rose and Dolly the dark secret that has cost the victims their lives and what is actually at stake for the Necronists.

Partner up with Dolly and Rose and help them solve this gripping supernatural thriller set in 1860’s steampunk London.

Get your copy now and be consumed by a world like no other, but similar enough to yours that you’ll be sure it exists in more than just your mind.

Click that buy or read for free button and be transported to this world.

Book Sequence: The Untold Tales of Dolly Williamson The Alchemists The Necronists The Mechanists

If you want to learn about the origin of Rose’s gifts, then read Awaken.


A young bard and his master travel to a remote castle in a wild, untamed valley. They uncover a dark secret and set off a chain of events that will alter the fate of two powerful realms.


An all new Urban Fantasy Thriller by award-winning author Katie Salidas. A Weapon of Magical Destruction combines elements of Agents of SHIELD with The Magicians and City of Bones. Sage Cynwrig knows her way around a pair of twenty-sided dice, and has forgotten more spells than you'll ever know. But when her mother is killed by a weapon of magical destruction, fantasy merges into a strange new reality. Her birthmark morphs into the Tree of Life, her boss goes full troll (warts and all), vampires start hitting on her, and shadowhunters stalk her in the darkness. Had Sage been warned about her special lineage, before her mother's murder, she might have agreed to join the Anonymous Supernatural Security and Elimination Taskforce (A.S.S.E.T). When agent Grey Maddox shows up to recruit Sage - filling her head with stories of an ancient race of people chosen by the gods and uniquely gifted to withstand the forces of magic - she dismisses him as a fraud. The truth about Sage's lineage comes crashing down around her when a supernatural pick-up artist tries to kill her. Bearing the mark of the Tree of Life makes Sage special while also putting a target on her head. With the weapon still at large, and strange faerie-like creatures popping up all around her, figuring out who to trust is priority number one. Only then can Sage find the key to neutralizing the weapon before its power is unleashed again.


Well that's all the news that I have for you for now!

Here's to a great February for all of us.

Happy Valentines Day!


And don't forget to lock your doors Spacehikers.




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