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Where did this month go?

January is almost done! Can you believe that there is almost an entire month of 2018 done and dusted? And what has happened this month! So many fun things!

I finished writing Kallista - Which is currently with my editor. One more step, my proofreader, and then I can share it with you guys! While I wait for Kallista to be edited I have already started on my next book - The Culling - which I am sure is going to give you all the chills!

Here is this weeks Teasers selections:

Next week Saturday I'll be at the Youth Today Carnival Market doing my thang with my #AuthorBestie Toni Cox! I'm super excited to see everyone and hope you can all make it. I will have copies of Ensnared and Tatum available as well as the pre-order for Kallista.

On Sunday the 4th of February I will be doing the Kallista cover reveal! I cannot wait to share this cover with you, Poppet has seriously out done herself.

Don't forget to join my Facebook group: Sian's Little Nightmares so that you can tune into Movie Monday! It's going to be FUN FUN FUN!

I'm still busy rereading Written in Flames by Ashleigh Giannoccaro so this week I am selecting one of the first books I reviewed for my book of the week.

If you're interested you should totally check out Michael Howard's - On The Fifth Night.

On the Fifth Night is the extraordinary story of a man named Mark Hanson who loses his first wife to Huntington’s Disease … and then, on a fateful day, many years later, punches his second wife in the face in a moment of madness. That moment of madness is the start of Mark’s transformative journey along a path of mystical presences, unhinged reflections and surreal travels through space and time. Mark’s story blurs the lines between sanity and insanity, and between life and death. It stands as an eternal testament to the glorious mystery and uncharted depths of human consciousness.

My full review will be available on my website later today :)

Have a rocking week my Nightmares!

Death Comes To Those Who Do Not See


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