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Setting - The Asylum Recreational Room

The Asylum is built of multiple levels and each level has it’s own recreational room. There is one though, near the third floor, which is for the more dangerous patients. Midgets humping wooden chairs, patients attacking nurses and killing them, spooky apparitions that come and go as they please.

As you walk through the double doors immediately to your left is a reception area. It has a counter and then from the counter top to the ceiling is a cage to keep the patients out. This is only accessible by nurses with keys and it’s where they sit and monitor the patients.

Straight ahead of the doors the wall is lined with some rather uncomfortable chairs for patients to sit on if they want to read. Just past the chairs is the small bookshelf with a collection of donated, battered books on that some patients have ripped to shreds. If any are in readable condition, it would be surprising.

To the left of the room are some broken and battered sofa’s between windows. The patients in wheelchairs or restrained are placed directly in the sunlight for the duration of their time because they don’t get to explore the grounds of the Asylum like other patients.

The nurses do play music for the patients, but it’s never their choice what music will be played. It’s mostly classical music to keep everyone calm. The only time the music goes off is three times a day for medicine and food time. Otherwise it plays softly in the background.

There are some tables in the back for the patients that want to play boardgames, or rather who know how to. Very few do and most of the pieces are missing from the games so that’s often given up upon quite quickly.

It is the least nicest recreational room in the building but don’t tell Dr Wellbottom that.

Read more about the Asylum in Asylum I and Asylum II.

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