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Kallista has my blood pumping... but first, a Fayre.

It's Teaser Tuesday. But before I show you what's up and coming in Kallista I want to talk about, well, Fayres and Take Overs and all those fancy things.

Firstly, on the 2nd of December I will be bouncing around at the Youth Today Festival! I will be there with none other than my #AuthorBestie Toni Cox and books and merchandise will be available for purchasing. Remember, if you buy them directly from me - you can have them signed. Aside from the amazing duo being there, there will be quite a few other AMAZING authors that will be attending so there will be a little something for everyone - there will even be children's authors so if you have little ones bring them through!

If you want to find out about the other things that will be happening there then check out the Facebook Event:

Aside from that you need to keep a keen eye on my page and facebook group because I'll be doing takeovers on other pages and offering up awesome prizes. From Authors friends with Benefits (12th December at 1pm EST) to Yoland Olson's group (1st December at 7pm EST). I will be posting updates about these on the page during the week so don't miss out!

So Kallista has pretty much consumed my life at the moment but you'll still get a weekly blog post and a monthly newsletter with a link to ALL the blogs! If you haven't subscribed to the Newsletter as yet you can on the contact Tab.

That's it for this week!

Don't forget:

Movie Monday is happening on my Facebook Group -> Sian's Little Nightmares at Midday EST

Teaser Tuesday - If you missed it on Facebook it's at the bottom of this page

Have a horrific week nightmares <3

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