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Coffee Is Food, right?

So here we sit on this lovely Sunday evening, at least it's evening for me, eating my dinner and thinking about all the things about to happen, all the things that are happening, and all the things that have happened. I'm weird like that, I don't do things in their proper order.

Except my books apparently.

I have finished the Beta Reading edits and from tomorrow I will start the content editing. I need to have that done asap so that I can send it off to my WONDERFUL editor Elaina, who will then whip it into shape, and then it's off to Jackie for proofreading. Excessive? Probably! But if you want to turn out top notch books, then that's what you have to do and Kallista is going to be top notch. The feedback from my Beta Readers has been incredible and I feel more inspired than ever to have Kallista out in the world!

That being said, here are two new teasers for you in case you missed them this week :)

If you have read Tatum please be sure to leave a Goodreads / Amazon review as that's the best way you can assist an author. If you haven't read Tatum yet, make sure you do before the 15th February when Kallista comes out!

Tatum can be purchased on Amazon:

What else is being written?

Well I have started working on The Culling, my next book, and I have to admit that I am going to hell. Like straight to hell, Satan is going to look at me and ask me what is wrong with me! And I am so enjoying writing it because it is just absolutely fun to be playing around with the idea of Culling... things or people you know... either or.

Other books that I am planning on bringing out this year also include The Watcher and Watched which will be a collection of short stories written by me! So excited!!!!!

What is the Haps!

What is happening is that I will be at the Youth Today Carnival Market on the 3rd February. It is being hosted at The Italian Club, 7 Marais Road, Bedfordview, 2007. So if you're a Jozi nightmare or a Nightmare visiting Jozi around that time, be sure to come meet up with me! I promise you will probably leave alive and relatively unscathed!

I did a Thing!

If you are wondering about who I am and what I'm like I did an author interview for Awesome Gang! Check it out here:

Book of the Week

It's not all about writing with me you know! I started as a reader and I will die with a book in my hand. Who's book will I be reading when I die? Hopefully something by the amazing Toni Cox! And I don't mean that just cause I stalked her until she liked me (best way to make friends by the way) but because her latest tale has seriously taken me to all new levels and if she doesn't write the next one fast enough I at least have access to her to torture her! You should check out my review of her book Elemental Betray by going to this link:

I mean this with my entire being: If you love fantasy, dragons, elves, wars, love, hate, life and death then I seriously recommend this book to you, but only after you read the first one which is Elemental Rising. It will take you... just read my reviews, it says it all.

There's something new on my website

I will be adding my reviews to my website as well! Not just of books I have just finished but also of books that I have read previously and what I think about them! So if you're looking for your next read, and trust me when I say I am not genre specific - I read everything, then keep an eye on my review section!

Well that's it for tonight Nightmares!

Stay Warm.

Stay Safe.

Stay Awake.

Lock The Door.

Sian B. Claven

Possible Psychopath

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