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Hold on! Hold on! November's almost over?

There is a lot to be said about the year passing by quickly, because it has passed by quickly. It is the 21st of November which means there is nine days left of November and 40 days left of the year. Where did the time go?

And what a busy year it has been for me! I published not one but TWO books this year in my first year as an Indie Author! It was so excited! It was so nerve wrecking. It was so much hard work. But I feel so accomplished right now! I wanted to publish just one book, just one, before December and here I am sitting, getting ready to work on Kallista, my third book. Unfortunately I doubt I would have it ready before December - that would be pushing it - but I still feel like HEY! This is something to be seriously proud of.

Aside from working diligently on Kallista, I have had a rather busy week. I have been designing Logos, promotional material, working on some other top secret stuff and socializing. I don't think people believe authors do socialize. Look, I generally don't - I won't lie - but that's because I REALLY like napping, but this was a weekend of socializing and I did it in style. I had to dress up as a superhero and it rocked!

So, just to keep you up to date - Below is the teaser for the First Chapter of Kallista! I'll be posting my Blog EVER Tuesday so you will receive a teaser EVERY Tuesday! DO NOT MISS THE BLOG FANS!

If you want to chat to me drop me a line on my contact page or stalk me on social media!

Remember - Always lock the door.

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