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December Newsletter - Competitions Incl.

December Blog Post

As we start the final month of the year I find myself wondering where all the time went. It was a busy year so I guess it just passed by without me really noticing but it was a good year too! We released so many good books this year. Kallista; The Culling; Watcher & Killer Kitteh Khristmas.

We set up a Pre-Order for Asylum which will be released in February next year and we also managed to attend events and make a huge success at Comic Con!

A year I tell you, a year just flew past and I'm not emotionally ready for it to end.

Okay maybe I am, but only because ending it means that I'll be spending some time with my family in the UK and visiting the sister I miss so much.

There is a lot happening at this time of the year so I really do hope you'll take the time to go through this blog post/newsletter/wordpress post (whichever platform you are reading this on) because not only is there a few amazing things I have to tell you about but there are also a few competitions scattered throughout and you could win yourself some cool swag and/or books!


Fantasy SpaceHikers Abound

I have decided that although I love writing Horror, and will continue to do so, there are some other stories buried inside of me that also need to come out. These are fantasy stories! So if you've enjoyed my books, and enjoy reading fantasy as well, then you are in for a real treat as my first fantasy book will be launched on my birthday, 15th March, next year!

Unlikely Hero follows the story of a SpaceHiker named Jasy and her two companions, Elkizabeth and Mark, as they spacehiker their way to Dark Space and out of the clutches of the Evil Controllers. There are a lot of bumps along the way as Jasy and Mark don't see eye to eye and there's no telling if they will actually make it!

If this excites you then stay tuned for when the pre-order will be available so you don't miss out on your copy!


Paperback Specials - SA ONLY (Sorry Guys)

Christmas is a time of giving and nothing makes a better present then being able to go on an adventure with words. Because I want to be able to give you something, I'm going to reduce the prices of my paperbacks for Two Weeks only! From the Third of December to the Fourteenth I'm going to give the following specials to you guys in the spirit of Christmas

Tatum & Kallista Set - R250-00 (Normally R300)

Ensnared - R100-00 (normally R150)

The Culling - R150-00 (Normally R200)

Ensnared and Culling Set - R200-00 (Normally R350)

Watcher - R100-00 (First Edition Raw Unedited Copies)

All prices are excluding Postnet to Postnet shipping (R100 per two books ordered).

Delivery for Johannesburg clients is free!



I'm participating in a MAJOR competition at the moment where YOU can stand a chance to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card! There are several chances to win so Enter by clicking the picture below!


Talking about Dates

There are some important dates that I need to give you guys! I am closing, yes closing, on December Fourteenth. I close this time every year to spend time with my family and to prepare for the new year. With so many exciting things happening in 2019 I'm going to really need to rest up.

While I am gone I will still have access to facebook to post fun photos of my trip to the UK, and to interact with all my fans, so don't forget to join my group if you haven't already! You can click here to access it -> Sian's Little Nightmares

I'll be back in action on January Seventh for my first Movie Monday! This movie Monday is really important because I'll be handing out prizes to the first people I talk to for the year in a Movie Monday so MAKE SURE you are in my group and ready for Movie Monday!



The first of my competitions today is really easy. Simply follow me on Goodreads by clicking here -> Sian B. Claven <- and send me a screen shot either on my facebook group or in response to this email and during Movie Monday on January 7th I will announce the winner of some awesome swag including a key chain, a metal bookmark, a signed photo, a signed book plate and a surprise gift!


Monthly Review

This month my featured book is Forbidden Elemental by Toni Cox! Here is what I thought about it:

Before I was a writer, I was a reader. Before I loved to horrify fans, I lived in fantasy worlds. The standard by which I measure a fantasy authors writing is set so high that not even the like of George R. R. Martin manages to get up there, at least not yet. Not so long ago I was requested to read Elemental Rising and my words were, "Expected to be torn to pieces, expect me to hate it. There is no fantasy writer that I love that is greater than Tolkien in my opinion, and you'll be lucky to get three stars out of me." I read it. I fell in love. I fell in love with a new world that could only be contained in the magical pages of Cox's books. She introduced me to something new, something wonderful and she did something that no one has been able to do in a long time. She took me on an adventure. I watched Maia grow and learn and love and break and build herself all up again. I have been through war, through travels, through diplomatic meetings and through flights with dragons. I have felt the sting of Lava Bats on my skin, the fear of a Werewolf snapping at my face and the sight of a vampyre riding towards me as everything I fight for lay behind me. Facing impossible odds. Conquering insurmountable obstacles. Finding love in darkness. Cox has created a world that is no longer rivalled by Middle Earth, she has introduced me to a nation that I belong to and casts Middle Earth to the furtherest regions of my dusty memories never to be visited again. She gives me a home of my own, and on Elveron is where I would most like to spend my days. Amongst the Elder Trees that are so tall, you can build houses in them, on the back of a fiery stallion as I race up and down the gathering grounds or around a fire sipping on hot tea as we recall the stories of our ancestors. So, Tolkien, you were good but I have a new favourite and with good reason. Cox is an amazing and talented author concluding the Elemental Saga and leaving me longing for more adventure, more love and more magic. May the Mother smile upon you

I gave the book a HUGE FIVE STARS and recommend it to everyone!


Competition Time

Another competition just to keep things HHHHOOTTTT!!!! This one is also really easy and again you can win some AMAZING Merchandise from me including necklaces, keychains, photos and Bookmarks. All you have to do is follow me on amazon by clicking here -> Sian B. Claven <- and hitting the follow button. Screenshot that and reply to the email with the screenshot (Or post it on my group) and you could Win Win Win!


This Months Poem



I'm desperate for something.

Anything to Do.

Grasping at Straws.

Trying to hold onto my Sanity.


I create work for myself.

Anything to keep me busy.

I can't be idle.

It'll destroy me.


I make list upon list

of things I'll never accomplish.

Ashamed and broken,

I know I am nothing.

All I can do is bounce around,

mentally over the edge already.

Crashing like a tidal wave.


No energy to do anything

except die.



For a chance to win a eCopy of any of my books - that's right, it's your choice - simply share my group and comment "This is for the eBook Giveaway". Screen shot it to me via Facebook or in reply to this email and you will be entered into the draw to win whichever one you choose.

Please note: Winners must have a kindle address in order to claim their prize. Kindle App is free to download on all devices.


Killer Kitteh Khristmas Free!!!!

As most people who follow my group know I released a new book called Killer Kitteh Khristmas! Well mark your calendars because for 5 days only you can get Killer Kitteh Khristmas for FREE! That's right! You can download the eBook for Killer Kitteh to your mobile device of your choice for absolutely free. This will run from the 7th December to the 11 December! Don't forget to get your copy!


2019 - Epic Times for Fantastic Fans

2019 is already looking great as you can see from the below picture of what's been published and what's to come!

What you can already pre-order is Asylum! Releasing on February 15th.


One doctor. One Nurse. Two different times but the same horror. Dr Hans Brock has moved from Germany after the way to conduct experiments to find a cure for the various patients at the Asylum but his own arrogance may lead to his demise. Karen is a nurse who comes to do good things for the patients but the facility has it's own plans.

If you want to pre-order your eCopy now just click here -> Asylum I <-

Paperbacks can be bought on the 15th however if you're from South Africa and want to pre-order your copy of Asylum I Paperback then simply contact me by responding to this mail.


So Good Luck for Christmas & 2019

I personally wish each and every one of you a wonderful and magical Christmas filled with only the best Nightmares a person can dream of. Be safe and have a fantastic New Year.

I will see you in 2019!


New Releases

It's always so much fun to read other author's work when I'm having my down time and I'm so excited to share the AWESOME releases that have come out! Buy links included!


Severed is a full length story and it’s available in KU!

Check out my release giveaway here:

*This is NOT a standalone. You need to read Stolen - The Prequel to fully understand this storyline. This is a dark romance. Due to scenes of an adult nature, this book is for 18+ ONLY. That’s the only warning you’ll get.

Get Stolen: The Prequel as well and start The Taken Series!

*This is an extremely dark story with numerous triggers, please be warned. Due to scenes of an adult nature, this book is for 18+ ONLY.

*´¨✫) ¸.•´¸.•*´¨)✯ ¸.•*¨) ✮ (¸.•´✶ (¸.♡ RELEASE BLITZ Title: Honor Author: Jo-Anne Joseph Genre: Contemporary Romance Synopsis Wyatt

I left home and the only girl I ever loved to serve my country, But what I got was not what I expected. Losing a friend on the battlefield made me see the world differently. And what I'm left with, is a choice, Honor, or follow my heart, In my quest to do what's right, I knew she'd be my only casualty. And I'd be left broken because of it.


I knew I shouldn't have fallen in love with my best friend, But I did it anyway, Despite knowing it could lead to heartache. He left me with a promise, And returned only to break it. Wyatt is a changed man, and I am no longer the naive girl he left behind. Add to your TBR - #KindleUnlimited #NewRelease Amazon US: Amazon UK: Amazon CA: Amazon AU: ✮ Giveaway of a $25 Amazon Giftcard visit and enter. This promotion was brought to you by #Bemybookboyfriend

Dragons, Elves, and Magic. What more could you want from a fantasy trilogy? Book 1: With her final test as an Elemental complete, Maia travels through the Gate of Stonehenge to return to her home planet Elveron, but she brings with her the very thing she tried to leave behind. Faced with responsibilities she thinks she is not ready for, a love she does not reciprocate and her people threatened by a terrible enemy, she is suddenly forced to become what she is meant to be – a Prime. But, she is not alone. She has her mentor, Silas, and her dragon, Midnight, who stand by her side as she embarks on an adventure to save not just herself, but the rest of the nation of Grildor as well. Book 2: The nation of Grildor still reels from the War of Greystone. They spent the winter Moons mourning their dead. Now it is spring and time to drive the last of the enemy off their planet. Maia has sunken into a pit of despair during the harsh Moons of Winter, not only mourning the people that died, but also the absence of Blaid. Would he ever come back to her? Lord Longshadow, Lord Regent of Grildor, decides it is time to act and sends Maia and Jaik as ambassadors to the various cities within Grildor. The aim is to reassure the people that the Longshadow Clan is there to protect them, but as Maia and Jaik travel, they learn that the situation is far worse than they had anticipated. They have been betrayed and their nation is threatened with war a second time. Desperately, she searches for the strength to save her people. And, although she has her dragon, Midnight to help her, the responsibility of being a Prime rests heavily on her shoulders. Book 3: Two battles are behind them and now the true war with the Vampyres is about to start. Elveron will succumb unless the Prime Elementals can become as one. Maia deserts her people to find Blaid, for only as one will they have the power to defeat the Vampyres amassing at Greystone. It is Forbidden for them to be together and yet their connection is all that stands between victory and eternal defeat. With her dragon, Midnight, Maia sets off on a journey that will change the future for everyone. Lord Longshadow, the Lord Regent, invokes the Rule of Kings and travels to every country of Greater Grildor. He needs the Lords to pledge their armies. Jaik Longshadow rules in his father’s stead and faces the greatest test of his life, while Aaron Nightingale, believing he is the reason Maia left, races across Grildor to find her. The arrival of winter means the Vampyres will be less active. Amid snow and ice, it is time for Elveron to prepare. But the Vampyres have a different agenda and winter will no longer stop them. As desperation and fear takes hold, Maia understands that to save her people she needs a new plan. Will Blaid help her? Will she have enough time? “I fell in love with this world and its characters and became utterly invested in their trials and tribulations. Toni Cox has a wonderfully rich imagination and brings Elveron and the Elves, and Midnight the dragon, to glorious life. Utterly entrancing.” Elaina J. Davidson (Fantasy author) “Cox has created characters; a world; a story that is Tolkien worthy. She has developed something unique and rich in imagination.” Sian B. Claven (The author of The Butcher books) “Maia is an incredible character to follow. Toni Cox has managed to bring something new, exciting, and seriously addictive to the fore.” Robyn Victoria Castles (TBB)


(Credit for Brown Paper PNG -> Here)

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