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October Newsletter

ComicConAfrica 2018

Thank you to everyone who made the first ever Comic Con Africa a roaring success. It was amazing to see so many people in person that I have met through my books and welcome to all our new fans.

I need to give a special thank you to Kwarts Publishers for all their effort in ensuring all my books were printed on time. This was no easy feat as I was busy wrapping up a book towards Comic Con. Their professionalism and great quality will have me going back to them again and again. If you're a writer and need someone to print your books, I suggest contacting Anita from Kwarts Publishers. You won't be disappointed.

The event was huge and I didn't know where to look when I walked around to see what was happening outside of artist alley. I could barely contain myself seeing what WAS happening IN artist alley. I managed to rein myself in however and only left with a few pops, some Harry Potter artwork and some new contact lenses which you will undoubtedly see at the next event.

What's Next?

When next will you see myself, Toni and our books? At the next Alter Ego's event of course. This will be our final event for the year so be sure to get your tickets as soon as they are on sale or you'll miss seeing us.

Book News

Unfortunately in the haste to release Watcher there were some editorial mistakes that were missed. Please be assured that if you bought a stamped and signed copy of Watcher from me, it is literally one in seventy and very much limited edition.

My next book that is lined up is the sequel, The Watched, which will be much darker than Watcher was will be extra special because Watcher will be re-edited and re-released alongside it. It will also be available free of charge in eBook form when the re-release is scheduled, so make sure to stay tuned because you don't want to miss that opportunity.

Killer Kitteh Khristmas

Coming out in November is a short story that will be released in ebook form only. The cover is currently being designed and if you haven't joined my group - Sian's Little Nightmares - then you may want to as I will be giving away free copies of Killer Kitteh Khristmas on release day. Killer Kitteh is not about Christmas, you have been warned.

Almost Year End

It is almost the end of the year and I cannot believe how the time has just flown by. From here on out I will be posting reminders about when I will be closed for contact in December and when I will return in January. During this time no book or merchandise orders will be filled as I will be out of the country with limited access to my emails.

So if there is a book or merchandise that you are interested in then don't forget to place your order early so you're not disappointed.

Getting someone something as a gift. Make sure to tell me and I'll write a personal message from me to them!

With Halloween just around the corner I will be attending several take overs so don't forget to keep an eye on the group or you'll miss where I can be, and what you can win, for this the month of all hallows eve.

That's it from me for now.

Have a great month of October and remember...

Always Lock your Doors.


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