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Getting to know me, getting to know all about me......

Okay maybe I won't spill everything in my first blog post but let's be fair, I'm always open to answer any questions anyone has about me. If you've stumbled across this site by chance or because you follow me on Facebook and because you read my work then welcome!

If you stumbled across this site because you're a friend or family member... Please don't scroll any further! I might say something you can use to tease me with later!

So me! I am me! I am Sian B. Claven - writer, blogger and all around dreamer. I have spent the better part of my life with my head in the clouds or my nose in a book, and I quite like it that way. Well I did, until I decided that I might have a story or two to tell as well. Okay I have like six so far, two published, and four I'm working on, but hey, share share share I say.

I always wanted to be a fantasy writer. I love fantasy more than anything in the world. Fantasy has saved my life. So naturally when I discovered that I might be okay at this writing thing, fantasy is what I wanted to create. Worlds that no one had dreamed of, people beyond your wildest imagination and an adventure that we would take us six books and maybe a few stand alones to explain...

Imagine my surprise then when on completing my first book I realised I had accidentally written a paranormal thriller / horror. Maybe not the darkest of horror, more like a grey blue horror but a spooky, eerie story nonetheless. Well where did that come from? And who gave my characters permission to do that?

Reading through that book I have to admit, I'm a little impressed with myself. Who knew that years of psychological torture by my siblings would result in me being able to conjure up things that go bump in the night? Okay okay, it wasn't EXACTLY psychological torture. They just forced me to watch REALLY scary horror movies when I was REALLY little.

I had to kind of sit back and take stock. Fantasy was my game, it was my life, but I realise it wasn't always. Growing up with my sister, you had to love reading, because that's all she ever did, and there was no greater feeling the laying on the bed next to her reading a book while she read. Of course, having the sister I had, the selection of books were mainly Stephen King and Dean Koontz among some other scary writers. Thinking about it now, I wasn't ALWAYS a fantasy kind of girl, in fact I consumed more horror than fantasy in my life. I always leaned towards the twists and turns that made your heart beat out of your chest and your blood run cold.

Sure when I got older, I changed my favourite genre to Fantasy because I discovered more about myself. But having such a strong horror foundation in those formative years has really shaped me as a writer. And I am very glad it did.

So this is just a little snippet about me. In-between blogs I'll be posting random ramblings like this one about how I think I got to be the writer I am. Thanks for choosing to read this and remember - always lock the door!

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