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The Metz Family House

Set in a quiet neighbourhood, there is nothing special outwardly about the house that would make it stand out amongst the other houses in the sleepy area. It’s a quiet suburban place, with neat houses and neat gardens. All are painted neutral colours, with little wooden fences separating each house. The people are so trusting those fences don’t even encircle the houses at the back, leaving most houses to be open to the forest behind them.

When you walk through the black door, you’re greeted by a small area where the girls keep their shoes and coats. The first door to the left will take you into the family living room, a cosy room with stuffy sofas and a large box television in the corner.

Going back to the entrance to your right is the open plan kitchen and dining room combination. All family meals are shared here, with many bittersweet memories being created. This is also the room where the most fights are had, any time of day. There’s a back door that is often unlocked that leads to the backyard and the forest beyond.

Back to the entrance, there is a staircase in front of you, if your back is to the door and a small passage to the left.

Down the passage is the guest bathroom and the laundry room, nothing special there.

Upstairs, you’ll find the four bedrooms that are inhabited by various occupants. Luell’s room is a mix of black and white décor, creating a nice balance of light and dark. Sylvana is all about nature. Kallista’s room is about music and parties while Tatum’s room is just a neat little room filled mostly with books and art supplies. Each room has its own closet and there’s a bathroom upstairs that everyone shares.

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