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Character Interview - Nurse Elsa

Elsa is young and naive when she enters the Asylum but quickly becomes a favourite nurse, included even in a certain doctors experiments. Some say she falls for him, others say she slowly loses her mind. You will have to decide for yourself when you read the book.

Have you always wanted to be a nurse? Specifically, one that works in psychiatric institutions.

I’ve always enjoyed helping people, I think that it is just something that is part of who I am. I knew I wanted to become a nurse and then I realized that the people who needed the most help was those who were not of sound mind I naturally gravitated to that speciality in my studies.

What do you love most about your job?

There are so many amazing aspects to my job but mostly I like to see how Doctors like Dr Hans works, he is a genius and he is going to revolutionize how patients are treated for psychiatric conditions. I’m honoured to work closely with such a brilliant man.

Who is your favourite patient?

Oh honey, we’re not supposed to pick favourite patients. I mean, there is this one little girl I see from time to time. I can’t believe someone so young is in our facility but she’s an absolute sweetheart. Her name is Clara.

Tell us a little about your life growing up.

There isn’t much to tell about my life. I wasn’t the most popular in school but I wasn’t really an outcast. I mean I think I just see the world differently to others. Seeing is believe, and actions speak a lot louder than words, that says the most about my life. I’ve always been someone of action.

What is the worst thing a friend can do to you?

Not keep something secret. If I tell you something in confidence then I expect you to keep it to yourself. Otherwise you’re not trustworthy and clearly not someone I want to associate with.

Do you believe in the Supernatural?

Of course not, silly. I’m a woman of science. Ghosts, goblins and ghoulies are just children’s stories made to keep kids scared and on the straight and narrow.

Any love interests?

I can’t really speak about this. Here I am a professional and while there might be a certain someone I have my eye on, well, it would be inappropriate to discuss it in an article of all things. Suffice to say I’m not bored.

Read about Elsa now in Asylum I.

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