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Setting - High School Murder Site

In both Tatum and Kallista there is mention of the (same) victim who is killed in the classroom at the high school.

This room belongs to Mr Barker who is considered to bet he most popular teacher. As such his classroom is the favourite of the places for the students to study. The single desks are grouped together in fours around the room while his large wooden desk is at the far end to the left if you’re facing the board.

Along the back wall Mr Barker has put up some interesting fact posters not at all related to his subject. He changes them regularly and if a student teaches him a fact that he didn’t know he would put it up on the “FACT OF THE WEEK” section. Students love to compete for this space.

On the right wall is a lot of college information, how to apply and when and what to include in your application. Partially covering the back end of the right wall is a list of extra credit assignments, groups and suggestions that would look good on a college application.

To the left, there are floor-to-ceiling windows, made up of three windows going from the floor to the ceiling, and 6 windows in each row. Mr. Barker only decorates the windows for holidays, including all religions and cultures.

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