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Setting - Asylum Basement

When you first enter the Asylum, you are presented with three potential ways to go. A hallway to your left, a hallway to your right, and a hallway and stairs in front of you. However, if you turn to your left you’ll notice a door to the left of the entrance. This is the fourth and more secretive way to go.

When Dr Brock arrives at the facility, he gets a short tour of everything and then he is led through this door and down to the basement. Once you reach the landing, there are three doors. One leads to a room where observations are made, you can watch patients through a one-way mirror. In another room is the crematorium for disposal of bodies once patients have passed (it also serves as the so-called morgue) and the third room is Dr Brock’s office and examination room.

The crematorium is nothing special. It has the large cremator for the bodies, and it’s hot enough to heat up the office nearby because Dr Brock keeps it on at all times. Bodies are stored here in fridges that slide out.

The one-way mirror room is kept cooler and houses the surplus bodies. It is here that Dr Brock conducts many experiments while he observes his patients through the mirror.

When he is just having talk therapy or is examining his patients he uses his office which looks like a standard doctors office. There is an examination table, medical equipment, medicines, a desk to sit at and a fireplace.

Most people don’t like going to Dr Brock’s rooms because it’s rumoured that once you’ve been there, not only are not the same, but you don’t live for much longer after your consultation.

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