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Review - Tortured Tales

Author: Todd Love

5 Stars

What a great collection of stories although warning one will break your heart. Thanks Todd for making me cry after you scared me. All in all I really enjoy Love’s writing style. Despoiler was my favourite story by far but they all had their own merits. If you’re looking for short strange creepy reads this is the book for you.


From a possessed small town street that comes alive seeking the living, to a group of hungry demons searching for their next meal in the apocolypse. A runaway boy returns home with a new friend, while a new father fights for a chance to meet his newborn. A boy is found murdered behind and arcade, as a girl watches a funeral from a priests window. The Ringmaster has one more trick up his sleeve for a town that left his family for dead. All of these stories and many more await you inside these Tortured Tales.

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