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Review - Talia

Author Daniel Volpe

5 Stars

Talia... Talia... Talia... To say this is not what I was expecting is an understatement. I was warned about the graphic sex and amount of filth in this book but it was like ready poetry. It was weaved expertly and I had to know, what the F*** would Talia do next. The ending was not at all what I was expecting. The book wasn't at all what I was expecting. Read it. Now.


In the early 1990s the rising popularity of the video cassette gave birth to a seedy, underground world of illicit pornography. Talia, a Midwest dreamer, leaves home in search of fame under the blinding Broadway lights. But nothing could have prepared her for what she finds instead. Savage violence, bottomless depravity, and no way out. Talia will unapologetically drag you into the foul underbelly of society. A sanity straining journey, full of hot bloodshed and betrayal.

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