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New Blog - New Information

The blog is changing and if you don't want to miss out on awesome giveaways, character interviews and other fun stuff then make sure you have subscribed to the blog by clicking on the picture above!

This November I am changing things up in preparation for 2020. Want to know more? Then check out the November newsletter!

Future blogs will include a little snippet of the newsletter, the newsletter link and finally the promos and giveaways that are featured in the newsletter... BUT NOTHING ELSE.

Everything else will be exclusive content to the newsletter and to the newsletter only.

By 2021 there will no longer be a blog being posted and ALL information will be through the newsletter only so don't miss out! We send out a maximum of two newsletters out a month with AWESOME content and even better content is coming up.

Want to ask my characters from Buried a question? Use the contact form on the website to send in your question and one of the characters may just answer it. Don't forget to note which character you are asking.

Until the end of the month!!!!

Sian B. Claven

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