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Merry Meow Chapter One

On writing the first chapter of Merry Meow I was pleasantly surprised to find that it flowed so freely from my fingertips. I didn't expect it to be such an easy story to write as I'm not accustomed to writing short stories as I once was. A lot of my earlier work is a lot shorter than my modern work and I struggle to keep my work short now. Gone are the days where I accepted 15 000 words made a story. Nope, not anymore.

And Merry Meow is going to be a short 10 000 words upon completion. It is part of my tongue in cheek Christmas tales about cats and how evil they are. Which of course, now that I own my own little prince of Darkness, I know is utterly true. They are devilish little s***s that we love endlessly and who love us in their own arrogant little way. Mine is laying next to me now just snoozing away unaware that yet again I am talking about him.

The first chapter is excellent, I cannot wait to for the second.

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