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Character Interview - Sylvana

Tell us a little about your life growing up.

I grew up in what was supposed to be a quiet neighbourhood but my family was plagued with bad luck. My father died when I was young, and then my sister Tatum was murdered. We moved after that but my Mom couldn’t let go of the house. After that I focussed on the arts more than my studies and I loved to paint and draw and write poetry.

Name five things you love to do when you have the time.

Paint Scenery

Draw animals

Write twisted poems

Spend Time with my family


Name five things you hate having to do.

Visit the house where my sister died

Being drawn into conversations about serial killers

Handling weapons

Cleaning mould off the bathroom tiles

Raking leaves

Who is your best friend? What about them do you love most?

I don’t really have a best friend. My sister Kallista and I were very close after Tatum died, so she was my best friend but she was tragically taken from us by a copy cat killer.

What is your favourite food and why?

Oh I could talk about food forever. I especially love roasts. You start that in the crockpot with vegetables and broth and led it soak in the flavour before you throw it in the oven to roast the outside until it’s crispy. Especially pork roast, that is my ultimate favourite.

Do you believe in the Supernatural?

Yes I do, I believe there are things, both good and bad, that have an influence over the living dimension.

What’s the strangest thing that has happened to you?

A ghost saved my life once, and I’m not even kidding. It was a possession, and the boy was driven by the evil spirit of a dangerous man. But the spirit of a girl stopped him.

For more information on Sylvana read the book!

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