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Character Interview - Dr Hans Brock

What brought you to America?

Scientists such as myself are not appreciated back in Europe, specifically in Germany. They say that our experimentations are inhuman, yet we didn’t experiment on innocent people. Surely you don’t care what becomes of a criminal? I digress, I wrote to the Asylum and offered my assistance with their patients as I’m developing new techniques that they are interested in.

What do you like to do in your spare?

I don’t really have spare time, but if I find a moment without something to do I like to go over my notes in my journal to see where I can improve. I’ve recently tried a gender modification surgery that I’m interested to try again. The patient, unfortunately, died due to unforeseen complications, but overall it was informative.

Do you have a favourite patient?

Clara is definitely on the top of my list, such an innocent girl locked away because she sought revenge for those who wronged her. I do believe justice did not prevail in this case and I’m working with her to get her well enough to return to normal society.

Do you have many friends in America?

None. I’m not really a social creature, most good scientists are hermits. I like to keep my private life private and I haven’t found someone I’m willing to share my life with, as a friend or a romantic interest. I think that socializing can be such a waste of time. I hate small talk!

What do you think of the Asylum? Any complaints?

While I am pleased that I have the latest gadgets and technologies at my disposal, I will admit the meals they provide us with are tasteless. German meals are rich in important fats, and the vegetables are seasoned so well you can’t resist eating them, not even a fussy child does. I don’t like the food here, it’s bland with no seasoning.

Do you believe in the Supernatural?

Hogwash in my opinion. There is no such thing as life after death and there is certainly no such thing as ghosts. I work with facts, scientific facts, and I don’t have time for such grand fancies to cloud my judgement.

What’s the strangest thing that has happened to you?

When you’re an expert in my field, there is very little that will surprise you. Humans are both complex and simple, and if you expect the unexpected you will never be caught off guard. One thing I will note though is that I get the strangest feeling in the institution that I’m being watched constantly. It is possible that I am simply overtired.

Read about Dr Hans Brock's experiments in Sian B. Claven's chilling Asylum I.

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