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Author Interview - Todd Love

Today I have the wonderful pleasure of introducing you to a GREAT horror author.

Help me welcome, ladies and gentle, TODD LOVE

1. What sub-genre of Horror do you write?

I really love to jump into the splatterpunk genre. Trying to mix blood with something that makes the reader think, even if the thoughts are somewhere in the back of their mind.

2. Which is the best book that you’ve written (in your opinion) and what’s it about?

I feel the novella that I am currently working on is my best work. The book is called, “Thresholds of Suffering”. I hope to have it ready for early next year. The idea for the story is based on a promise that has survived a world war and has haunted the main character for 50 years.

For work I have already published, “Tortured Tales” show a lot of different classic horror themes, from the Wendigo, to survival, to camp slasher.

3. What advice would you give budding horror authors?

Keep writing. It is very easy to get discouraged, I get discouraged daily, but a writer has to keep writing.

4. Tell us about your background. Where you grew up and what life was like.

I grew up in Northern Ontario Canada, small town life. Born in the 70’s and raised in the 80’s. All I can say about what it was like, if I could go back for just a day, I wouldn’t hesitate to go. Life was fun back then, easier, maybe it was because I was a kid. I have three teenage boys now and I always talk about the 80’s with them.

5. Who is your favourite author in the horror genre?

I am a huge Stephen King fan. In my option he will always be the master.

6. You’re stuck in a haunted underground mansion for the night, how do you survive the ever-changing passages and deadly ghosts?

Being a horror fan and writer, I would just give in a become one of the ghosts haunting the mansion. That seems way more enjoyable.

7. Who is your favourite villain? What book are they from and what was your favourite thing about them?

I have thought about this over the years and always land on The Walking Dude, The Man in Black, Randall Flagg. He is just a relentless force of evil that has never been stopped, even when he is knocked down, he rises back up.

A close second is Fayde from Dune. He is just a bad ass cool character.

8. Where can we follow you?

Instagram: todd_love_author

TikTok: toddlove_author

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