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Author Interview - Daniel Volpe

1. What sub-genre of Horror do you write?

Mainly extreme horror and splatterpunk, but I’m not opposed to exploring other sub-genres

2. Which is the best book that you’ve written (in your opinion) and what’s it about?

I think ONLY PSYCHOS is the best thing I’ve written. It combines an event that happened and mashes it up with some crazy splatter goodness. The book is about a massive snow storm hitting New York and driving a crazy cast of characters to a hotel run by a sadistic couple.

3. What advice would you give budding horror authors?

Don’t worry about what people think. Just write what you like to read. I also find that keeping a schedule works for me to stay on task.

4. Tell us about your background. Where you grew up and what life was like.

Born and raised in New York. I started my loved of horror at a very young age and my parents supported it since day 1.

5. Who is your favorite author in the horror genre?

Mainstream would have to be Stephen King and Indie would be Edward Lee

6. You’re stuck in a haunted underground mansion for the night, how do you survive the ever-changing passages and deadly ghosts?

I’m pretty short, so I’d find a small spot to hide

7. Who is your favourite villain? What book are they from and what was your favourite thing about them?

Probably whatever lurked at the bottom of the ocean in Nick Cutter’s THE DEEP. That book was one of the best I’ve ever read. The way it manipulated the MC’s mind was terrifying.

8. Where can we follow you? (3 links)

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