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2021: Was it really that bad?

I don't want to recap the horrible things that happened this year, from small misfortunes to people lost. I don't want to end the year on a negative note, because I feel like enough negativity has happened during the year.

For the first time since 2017, I've made a profit. I initially posted that it was almost $100 but I went back to check and it's actually over $120. I'm so pleased. I have never ended the year on a profit, I'm always making a loss. This was due to me actually listening to my bestie about marketing and taking several courses to improve both my writing and graphic skills. And that's probably the biggest thing I'm happy about, I've improved. I've grown as an author and I'm doing well.

I released books. That may seem like a weird thing to be happy about but as someone who struggles with writer's block sometimes, I'm always pleased when I manage to complete a mammoth task such as writing a book. Never mind several of them.

I've also made some really awesome new fans this year and got to hang out with some old ones. It's the absolute best to have people who follow and appreciate my work. The best are the reviews I've been receiving of my books. I hope you know I read every single one!

I'm looking forward to a New Year. It feels like it's going to be filled with good things. And I wish you nothing but the absolute best.

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Until Next Year

Always Lock your Door.

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