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Mid-April Newsletter

You may have noticed that you did not receive a newsletter in the first week of April as per usual. Unfortunately life got to be and I needed to take a well deserved break from writing and writing stuff in order to get back on track - which thankfully I have.

Towards the end of March / Mid April is a tough time for me because in March it's my departed dad's birthday and in April, the day he left. So it isn't really a happy time for me, but I'm working on making it a better time but celebrating all things writing.

Starting with a giveaway of my #AuthorBestie to celebrate her Birthday on April 19th.

To enter all you have to do is go on over to her Bookbub account and follow her using this link.

Screenshot it and send it to me via email and you will be entered into a draw for a copy of her first book Elemental Rising as a gift from me to you to celebrate her #Birthday.

Winners will be announced in the Mid-May Newsletter.



Ghost Ranger

iZombie meets Star Wars in this space fantasy adventure.

Rachel was a typical sixteen-year-old high school girl on a backwater planet when a virus breaks out. She is infected and rises from the dead.

When her intended future is crushed, she turns to the Federation Army Rangers. She gains powers beyond her wildest dreams and becomes an unstoppable undead killing machine.

As the missions she goes on become increasingly difficult and the morality grows increasingly gray, Rachel must choose where her allegiance lies. Choose wrong and she could die permanently.

Another installment in the Seven Stars Universe by Dayne Edmondson, this is a young adult space opera adventure novel set a few years before his space opera novel "Emergence" and featuring a major character from the third book, "Ruin."

Buy now to jump into the adventure.



Alfheim Seoul

Sixteen-year-old Alecia doesn't know anything about goblins or magic or faerie creatures from Alfheim. She's just trying to get through high school and get her driver's license. And then she meets faerie creature who needs her help. One impulsive bargain later and half her soul is gone, her grandfather is kidnapped, and the FBI is involved. Can she pull it all together before things entirely spiral out of control? Alfheim Seoul is a fast-paced, fantasy adventure. This is the first novel in the Magic Parcel Service series. Clean. Suitable for all ages



The Harvest

Ever since WWIII devastated the surface of the Earth, emotions have been strictly forbidden. Childhood friends, Eve and Hana, have grown up in an underground compound, their emotional control monitored at all times. But the harvest is approaching . . . In two days, the low-ranked students will be culled and the worthy assigned to their permanent positions in society. Eve is a high-ranked student, but harbours secret concerns about her brother leaving—feelings that she must conceal from her monitor if she wishes to succeed. Hana has always struggled to control her emotions, and she fears that this harvest will be her last. Both know there's no place for friendship when they're competing for their lives. The harvest is coming, and only the worthy will remain.



The Path of Swords

Get the first book in this highly-rated series! “I felt at times that I was walking old school through Middlearth with Strider..." "A sprightly tale...totally enchanted me" "So action packed I literally couldn't put it down!" On the last day of the summer of his fourteenth year, Luan takes the first step on The Path of Swords. He has been told that the path will be hard. He knows that it will lead him into danger. The reality is beyond all his imagining. Described as "Wonderfully imagined" and "skilfully crafted", The Path of Swords is the first novella in the Song of Amhar fantasy series. Set in an alternate Iron Age where the world of the spirit is always close by, the series follows the adventures of Luan, a boy training to become one of the Klaideem, elite warriors who dedicate their life to the service of the kingdom.




At fourteen Hayley finds herself with a choice -- hang for being caught stealing or become a squire. She knows nothing about the world of knights, chivalry, swords, and horses, but she knows a lot about death. In this coming-of-age tale, Hayley discovers there's more to not only the Order of Knights, but the world around her and the strength that lurks inside her heart.


Competition Time.

To stand a chance to win a $2 gift card. Simply follow me on Bookbub and send a screenshot that you're following me. If you're already following me you are illegible to enter again.


Grab some FANTASTIC books on Promotional Sale right here


That's it for now Spacehikers!

Have a good month.

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