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We're Live; We're Happy & We're Partying


Firstly, can I get a HELL YEAH! We have made it to the release day of The Culling! Whoop Whoop! Whoop Whoop!

I have been so geared up for this day and I am so excited for all of you to share in the darkness of this world. For those of you who pre-ordered a copy, don't forget to send me the screen shot before 2PM EST / 8PM UCT+2 because you could stand a chance to win some AWESOME Swag and an autographed copy of The Culling posted directly to you!


You are not prepared for the Darkness of this World

If you have yet to order your copy of The Culling, don't miss out now. You can get your copy by following the below link:


New Release - Blue Moon House 8: The Beginning


Where she gets the power and time I do not know!

Jo-Anne Joseph has just revealed the cover for her NEXT release. It was like two weeks ago that I was encouraging you to buy Mariticide (And rightfully so) and now here she is, with another release coming up.

Why don't you let me know what you think?

Samsara is a contemporary romance with paranormal themes.


Luna Tortured for years by recurring nightmares of a drowning woman,​ ​and the man she left behind, ​th​e sense that she kn​ew these strangers ​plagued her,​ Now a freshman in college,​ she wanted nothing more than a normal life, a life that could start, if ​only ​she could deny the gift that the women in her family possessed.

Clay was not in the cards for her new life, but he entered it by storm​. ​How would she reveal her secret, without l​osing him​? She was his​,​ before she was her own.

Clay He lost his heart a long time ago, The last thing he was looking for was love,much less with Luna. ​She ​was young enough to be his daughter, but he crave​d ​her like a drug, When she revealed ​the impossible, ​could he bring himself to walk away, ​When every part of him knew, she was his.

​How do between your past, ​the ​present, and ​a​ll the layers in between?


The New Release Schedule

So after some SERIOUS consideration I have decided to postpone the release for Watcher & The Watched. The Journal Books. My heart just isn't with Watcher right now because I am just OBSESSED with Asylum so I have decided to take the advise of my Beta Readers, shelve Watcher and The Watched for now, and come back to them later on.

Asylum is going to be OFF THE HOOK! This is going to be the longest and deepest, darkest book I have ever written and I'm already scared! I cannot wait to start on it! It starts tonight, with layout set up, and then from Wednesday, the words start. I hope you are ready for this.


That's a wrap for this week

That's all I really have to talk about for this week! I'm super excited for the launch and super excited for all the awesome swag we're busy putting together. Keep an eye on the website because we are going to load a gallery with the swag available and you'll be able to order it from me!

Have a brilliant week.

You are not prepared for the Darkness of this World.

Sian B. Claven

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