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Release Days; Free Books and More

Hello Nightmares!

We are nine days away from the official release of #TheCulling

This has been a rollercoaster ride of note! It's the first time I delayed a release so that I can do full blown marketing all on my own! Of course, that's because I am saving money for COMICON in September but still, I have worked seriously hard, alongside some amazing authors, bloggers and of course NIGHTMARES to make sure this is my best book and release EVER!

It's been a fairly hectic week with my #DayJob so I haven't spent much time on writing during the week. Especially while I was busy doing some fun takeovers and marketing for the new book but yesterday was #AuthorBestie #WritingDay and #ToniCox and I were at it like beasts. Do you know she's over half way done with Forbidden Elemental? While she was busy with that I was hard at work on Watcher! I have just completed the Third Short story for the book and after #MarketingSunday I am hitting the next one (Spoiler: The Title of the Fourth Story might be Mother's Den!)

What is Happening in the Book World?

Well, I guess a lot of you know the major thing that happened this week but I refuse to discuss it here because it's just not worth my time and I hate negativity in my feed. So I'm going to focus on the AWESOME news of the book world!

Let's start with what is coming up!!!!

Sucker Punch

Chad King is boxing’s golden boy that didn’t shine. His big dreams have left him at rock bottom and when you’ve lost everything, losing becomes easy because there’s nothing to fight for. The love of his life left him for a life he couldn’t give her and now she’s engaged and on top of the world while he claws his way out of the hole he dug when she left. Lotus Shaw plays the role of the media’s darling, and dutiful fiancé to a man only her parents approve of. She should be on top of the world, but she left her heart on the floor of a fight gym. Now, she’s got to get it back. One little secret from the past is keeping her from the future. When they come face to face again, nothing could’ve prepared them for the sucker punch love was about to land. Nothing worth having comes without a fight.

You should definitely have this on your TBR because the powerful combination of Eva Logan & Ashleigh G is indescribable. Add it here -> Sucker Punch

National Park #3

National Park Book #3

Hinesh Vithal also has a release coming out soon! The third book in the National Park series is coming soon and you should definitely follow him on Facebook if you don't already. Grab the first two books! You definitely won't be disappointed.

One Filthy Man

Rhiannon The high-walled mansion seems almost impenetrable. My contact talks of one man and up to 100 women behind those walls. It could be the trafficking of sex slaves, some twisted sex cult, or even a brothel. Either way, uncovering criminals in the trade of women is my job – my life. I want the scoop – want to expose this one man’s terrible secrets and nail his sorry ass. Sebastian I rescue them. Save them. Look after them. I give them what they desire. What they need to live a happy life. But this time around it’s about my desire. About what I need. I know who she is. I know everything about her. And she’s coming for me.

For those looking for something a little (or rather a lot) more steamier, James Crow's latest novel is also coming out shortly! I dig James, he's a fun guy with a dirty mind! You can add this beauty to your TBR as well here: One Filthy Man

It came out - But did you get it?

For those of you who missed the newsletter last week. Jo-Anne Joseph, one of my favourite authors, released a new book call Mariticide! I cannot wait to have the time to read it (I bought it and I'm hoping after release day I can take some down time and just devour it!)

If you haven't got it yet, what is wrong with you?

How far would you go to protect your loved ones? What would be the ultimate sacrifice? Lie? Fight? Steal? Would you kill? For Alyssa Morgan there was no question. She would do anything. When her ideologies are threatened she has a choice to make. But can she destroy the one person she trusted most in the world? Luke Greene realized from the moment she walked into his office he was in too deep. He believed in her innocence, even though she refused to admit it. Was his obsession with Alyssa just a diversion from his own crumbling life? He has a choice to make - his profession or uncovering the truth.

Get it here: Mariticide

Let's do a Give Away Shall We?

I love short stories! They're great for when I am doing something in my #DayJob which has me waiting in a queue. Which happens OFTEN!

One of my favourite short stories is On Fire by Toni Cox. I mean, what's not to love? Elves, Horses, a Dragon.....

If you would like to win a copy of ON FIRE, All you have to do is respond to this newsletter and say I'm ON FIRE! I will select a random winner to get a free eCopy of the book sent directly to their Kindle / Kindle App!

Ever had your dreams come true? Maia is coming of age and to celebrate, she is given a horse. But Fire is not just any horse – he is a magnificent stallion, wild and fierce. Does Maia have what it takes to train him? Follow Maia as she embarks on the ride of her life.

The Culling

For those of you who haven't pre-ordered your copy of The Culling, you can do so now! If you screenshot your purchase and send me the proof I will enter you into a draw that will be held on the 15th where you can win an autographed copy of the book AND some cool author swag from myself!

You can pre-order it here: The Culling

I'm a Horror Author' Carnival Author!

Man that was a mouthful to say! You read that right though! I have been lucky enough to be accepted into the Horror Authors' Carnival group! From Monday the 14th my movie Mondays will be held there every other week. That means one week there and one week in Sian's Little Nightmares! I am so excited to join these amazing authors on the group and hope you're going to join us to.

For those of you that are major horror fans (Which is all of my little nightmares) you can join the group here -> Horror Authors' Carnival

Fantasy Fayre

Finally, the last thing I want to remind you guys about is the fact that I am back at Alter Ego's Events with the Fantasy Fayre happening on June 2nd! Do not miss this because I will have a wide range of swag available, The Culling books as well as the opportunity to get a photo taken with me and posted to the group and in that weeks newsletter!

That's it from me Nightmares! I'll see you over on my group during the week! There are going to be some new FUN interactive games happening so don't miss out.

Until then.

Don't forget to lock your doors!

Sian B. Claven

Horror Author

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