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The Farm

The Farm is in the opening scenes of Ensnared. It is the main location for everything that happens and where Amari moves into with her parents while she tries to figure out her life.

Following a dirt road, you drive past a boundary wall made of stones. A little girl sits on the edge of the wall, banging her feet against it and staring straight ahead.

When you look ahead you see the farmhouse, in need of some real fixing up. But first, you must pass the dead forest in order to get there. The bare trees swish by ominously and you can almost sense something running through its winding paths, keeping up with your car.

Parking in front of the farmhouse, it’s cold looking from the outside and desperately in need of a paint job. The door falls off when you first open it. Everything is covered in inches of dust and it looks worse when you finally manage to fling some windows open.

There’s leftover furniture from the previous tenants, covered with white sheets, while your stuff that was brought from the movers is in-between.

There are three floors technically. The ground floor is where the kitchen, laundry room, living room, dining room and guest bathroom are. If you go upstairs you reach the landing where you will find the master bedroom, a smaller bedroom. The master bedroom has an en-suite bathroom while there is a small shabby bathroom for the smaller bedroom to utilize. The other floor is the attic that can easily be turned into a bedroom, which is what happens eventually in Ensnared. Grab your copy now to fully experience Amari’s new home.

P.S. Don’t go into the basement.

To visit the farm, click on the above picture and purchase your copy of Ensnared today

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