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July, The Month That Will Be

Hey Nightmares.

June has come and gone, and as I sit here on the floor next to Toni I can't help but smile at the thought of how well we work together. Sitting and completing our monthly newsletter while Zoo plays on the big screen in front of us. We're not distracted... at all.... WHAT ARE YOU DOING JACKSON....

As I was saying...


Featured Blogger

Those of you who are on Instagram should check out this amazing Bookstagram.

It's run by a HUGE fan in the book community!

Because I am only doing a newsletter / blog once a month now you'll be seeing a lot more content! Make sure you book mark the things you like and set reminders for the events that are coming up. Talking about events.


East Rand Mall

Myself, Toni Cox and Jo-Anne Joseph will be at the East Rand mall on the 21st and 22nd of July. If you're South Africa you can pop on over on that weekend to come through and see us! If you have friends who love horror, fantasy or Romance, then this is going to be a great weekend for you.

Pop on over and see us! Jo-Anne has a new release out and you're going to love it!







Samsara is LIVE!!!!!


IBooks for iOS users

Barnes & Noble

Samsara is a contemporary romance with paranormal themes.



Tortured for years by recurring nightmares of a drowning woman,​

​and the man she left behind,

​th​e sense that she kn​ew these strangers ​plagued her,​

Now a freshman in college,​ she wanted nothing more than a normal life,

a life that could start, if ​only ​she could deny the gift that the women in her family possessed.

Clay was not in the cards for her new life, but he entered it by storm​.

​How would she reveal her secret, without l​osing him​?

She was his​,​ before she was her own.


He lost his heart a long time ago,

The last thing he was looking for was love,much less with Luna.

​She ​was young enough to be his daughter,

but he crave​d ​her like a drug,

When she revealed ​the impossible,

​could he bring himself to walk away,

​When every part of him knew, she was his.

​How do between your past, ​the ​present, and ​a​ll the layers in between?


Another New Release

For those of my fans looking for something different to read then look no further because Ashleigh G. released a new book - Last Resort - this week and it is AMAZING!!!!


#LastResort by #AshleighGiannoccaro is now live and included in #KindleUnlimited!

Snag your copy of this beautiful #ContemporaryRomance today!

☆Buy Links☆

Title: Last Resort

Author: Ashleigh Giannoccaro | @colourmyugly

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: June 27

Add to your TBR:


Jo is running away even if she can’t admit that to herself. Afraid of what the future holds, she’s looking for an escape and a chance to forget. Her soul is too heavy to float and she’s ready to let it all go and sink to the bottom.

Olly ran a long time ago. He’s remained on this little rock in the middle of the ocean for so long that the rest of the world has disappeared. Now he’s ready to leave the island and his past behind him.

She wasn’t looking for a holiday romance. He was ready for new adventures.

When these two lost souls collide, everything changes. Will Olly give up his future to be a part of hers? Could Jo forget the past and fall in love with the boy who smells like the ocean she’s so afraid of?

Sometimes even love is too heavy to float.


Did I mention Toni Earlier?

That's right! I did! Because I wanted to let you know that I discovered a little secret! If you sign up for her newsletter you get a free copy of one of her books! You heard me right!!!!

So what are you waiting for!!!

Sign up right here ->


So what is happening in the world of Sian B. Claven

At the moment I am working on three new books. They are all going to hopefully be coming out this year, and I'm hoping at least two of those will be coming out before Comic Con. I hope you're all excited about them.

The feedback from the Beta's has been AMAZING! I am so super excited to share Asylum with everyone!


But I am doing other things this year.

Aside from being at the East Rand Mall this month, I am also going to be at the Medieval Fayre on the first of September. Hold onto your pants fans! We are going to rock this one!


I hope you all have an awesome month ahead! There might be a surprise email here and there if something comes up but otherwise keep an eye on my facebook page Sian B. Claven or on the group Sian's Little Nightmares for more information.

If you're an author looking for some great service, make sure you check out Gregg Davies!

That's it from me nightmares.

Don't forget to lock your Doors.

Sian B. Claven

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