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Interview - Justin Boote

Today we welcome Justin Boote as our first featured horror author. I recently read the first book in the Undead Possession series and can I say... terrifying and sickening. Let's get to know this talented author.

P.S Before we get into the questions can I just say I LOVE Justin's cat!


1. What sub-genre of Horror do you write?

Under my own name, Justin Boote, I’ve written over 200 short stories and 10 novels and I guess there’s a diversity to them, although I suppose ghost and demonic possession is the most recurring theme. I also write extreme horror under my pen name, J. Boote.

2. Which is the best book that you’ve written (in your opinion) and what’s it about?

Ooh, that’s a tough one. I guess book 2 of my trilogy of the same name, The Ghosts of Northgate, as it my most ‘personal’ one to date. My fictitious hospital Northgate Hospital for the Criminally Insane features in nearly all my stories and novels so to write a book actually set there was special!

3. What advice would you give budding horror authors?

Read a lot in your favourite sub-genre, see how other authors build suspense, use twists, red herrings, etc. Also, always try and finish each new story you start. It’s very easy to want to start another, better idea than finish the current, and believe me, there’s a very good chance they’ll sit there forever unfinished!

4. Tell us about your background. Where you grew up and what life was like.

I grew up in a small village near the east coast of England. Back then in the early eighties, no internet, cell phones obviously, our time was spent exploring the woods near my home which later in life has helped enormously when it comes to crafting stories! At nineteen, I was offered the chance to come to Spain and I’m still here, some thirty years later!

5. Who is your favorite author in the horror genre?

I have two right now. Ronald Malfi and Ania Ahlborn. Both are awesome authors who write in the sub genres I like, reasonably fast-paced which I like too and have amazing endings to their stories. Haven’t been disappointed yet.

6. You’re stuck in a haunted underground mansion for the night, how do you survive the ever-changing passages and deadly ghosts?

That’s an easy one! Find the wine cellar, somehow figure a way to open the wine bottles and get drunk and sleep until the morning. Ghosts can do what they want, I don’t care!

7. Who is your favourite villain? What book are they from and what was your favourite thing about them?

That’s a tough one. I don’t really have a favourite villain. I guess there are the usual suspects like Pennywise from IT but there has never been one that really stood out. Now, give me creepy, possessed kids and I’m sold!

8. Where can we follow you? (3 links)

Just Released

Detective Inspector Ronald Henderson is appalled when not one but two bodies are found, both practically reduced to ashes. It seems impossible for such devastation without burning their homes down as well. And yet, the immediate surroundings of both victims are virtually unscathed. And to add to the mystery, both were firemen—one the boss of the other.

Little Sam Turner’s dad was one of those victims, and Sam saw it happen. But from that moment on, something changes in him. Now, he is not a grief-stricken son, but someone who appears indifferent to everything. Because what caused his father’s death may not have been natural, after all; his father unleashed something and it has taken over Sam as well. Something that wants to continue where his father left off…

To grab your copy Visit Justin Boote on Amazon today.


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